The Woman’s Art Journal, or WAJ, has been publishing high-quality feminist art-historical scholarship for five decades. Its peer-reviewed articles address issues relating to women as artists, patrons, models, subjects, viewers, consumers, art historians, and art-world professionals within a robust feminist theoretical framework. Many articles consider specific women artists of the premodern, modern, and contemporary eras, breaking new ground on well-known figures and bringing more scholarly attention to artists who have been underrepresented in art-historical literature. The extensive book reviews section assesses major recent books, exhibition catalogues, and collected volumes devoted to the same subjects.

Published twice annually, in Spring–Summer and Fall–Winter issues, the Woman’s Art Journal can be found in libraries around the world, and its content is available through JSTOR and all other major online indices.  Current institutional subscribers can access the latest electronic version of the journal and an archive of past content via our publisher’s website.

WAJ publishes contributions from leading art historians and feminist scholars as well as from new and emerging voices in the field. To submit an article or proposing to review a book, we encourage you to read our contributor guidelines. The journal was founded in 1980 by Elsa Honig Fine and Margaret Barlow. Since 2006, it has been published by Old City Publishing in Philadelphia with the continuing support of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Find our current editorial staff and distinguished editorial board here.